Mother Sues For Trucking Accident

Mother Sues For Trucking Accident

The mother of a 27-year-old college student has filed a trucking accident suit against the construction worker who recently killed her daughter.

According to the suit, a construction worker crashed into the girl on a Salt Lake City highway, instantly killing her.

Lawsuit Details

Eve Hansen, the mother of the trucking accident’s victim Lorna Lister, filed the suit against Ames Construction Inc., and their employee, Thomas L. Landers.

The complaint states that the company is “vicariously responsible for the acts and omissions” of their employees who were involved in the accident.

The Accident

Lister, a Brigham Young University social worker student, was reportedly driving her small car as Landers, who was driving a dump truck on the opposite side of the highway, crossed into the southbound lane.

Landers struck a vehicle driving ahead of Lister’s before the truck rolled over and collided with Lister.

The car became entangled in the first and second axle of the truck before being dragged across a construction site on the side of the highway.

Lister became entangled in the car’s frame and died from asphyxiation.

Mother In Mourning

Hansen claims she filed the suit because she wants Landers to be put under oath in order to find out exactly what happened that day.

“To lose her in this way is heart-wrenching,” explains Hansen, “I’m hoping we can get some answers to have some closure.”

(Source: Deseret Morning News)

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