UC Irvine Medical Center Hit With More Lawsuits as Controversy Grows

UC Irvine Medical Center Hit With More Lawsuits as Controversy Grows

The embattled University of California, Irvine Medical Center is now facing two additional lawsuits filed on behalf of four patients who say they failed to receive a liver transplant.  The lawsuit is also being filed on behalf of the families of three patients who died while waiting for a transplant.

UC Irvine Medical Center has been at the center of a major controversy over the past several months due to its liver transplant program failing to meet general guidelines established by the medical community in general.  The liver transplant program closed last November and UC Irvine is facing a total of 17 lawsuits over its mishandling of its liver transplant patients.

Defendants in the new lawsuits include UCI Medical Center, program administrators, affiliated doctors and the Regents of the University of California.  All of the suits were filed recently in the Orange County Superior Court.

The controversy began after a report found that UCI had a one-year survival rate of 68-70 percent, well below the national standard of 77.  Over 30 patients died before getting livers as well.  Governmental regulations call for liver centers to perform at least 12 transplants each year and UCI failed to meet those standards also.  For more than a year, the Medical Center also did not have any full-time liver transplant surgeons.  The Center employed San Diego area doctors to do their operations instead.

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