Jury Awards U-Haul Accident Victim $38M

Jury Awards U-Haul Accident Victim $38M

The case involving a woman who was nearly killed by an entertainment center that flew off a U-Haul was finally settled earlier this week.

The woman, who has been left brain-injured and blind due to the accident, which occurred while she was driving home from dinner one night, has been awarded $38M.

U-Haul Accident Leaves Woman Disfigured

The accident, which occurred in 2004, happened on the I-405 in Washington to 28-year-old, Maria Federici.

Federici was driving behind a truck towing a U-Haul containing an entertainment center when the appliances flew from the trailer and crashed through her windshield.

Victim Pursues Lawsuit

Federici was left disfigured after the accident and filed a lawsuit against U-Haul, the driver of the truck, and Capron Holdings Inc, the owner of the gas station that rented the trailer to the truck’s driver.

Attorneys for the plaintiff claim that the trailers weren’t equipped with equipment to tie down loads and although similar accidents have occurred, U-Haul doesn’t warn drivers that large objects can become loose.

U-Haul Takes Most of the Blame

According to reports, between 2000 and 2006, 12 incidents were reported to U-Haul regarding items falling out of open trailers creating concern of whether they are providing an unsafe product.

However, the company is being accused of doing nothing to make the trailers safer for its customers.

Federici’s attorneys asked the jury to put 75 percent of the blame on U-Haul, 15 percent on Capron and 10 percent on the truck’s driver.

(Source: Seattle News Source)

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