False Arrest Lawsuit Against UNLV

False Arrest Lawsuit Against UNLV

A lawsuit was recently filed against the University of Nevada Las Vegas for the alleged false arrest of a student.

The plaintiff claims that she was falsely arrested and is accusing her roommate of threatening and harassing behavior.

Student Arrested on Campus

Megan Krainski was a freshman at UNLV when the arrest occurred, following complaints regarding her roommate.

Krainski says she spoke to Assistant Resident Life Coordinator, Leslie Wallenfeldt, about problems she was having with her dorm roommate, Kenya Polee.

Shortly after, Krainski was reportedly arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Misconstrued Story Leads to Arrest

The suit claims that Wallendfelt then told Polee about the allegations and fabricated a story about Krainski attacking Polee in order to get her kicked out of the dorms.

“I was dumbfounded because I didn’t know what was going on,” explains Krainski about her unexpected arrest.

Suit Seeks Compensation

Krainski reportedly was held at the Clark County Detention Center for a full day before the charges were dropped and she was released.

The suit is seeking damages in excess of $75,000 for violation of her constitutional rights and the emotional distress that the arrest caused her.

(Source: The Rebel Yell)

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