Congress Cracks Down on Unsafe Products

Congress Cracks Down on Unsafe Products

According to reports, Congress has finally begun to take action in regards to the recent tide of dangerous and unsafe products that have hit the American market.

Last week, the Senate passed a legislation that will give more financial backing and support to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

New Bill Shows Promise

Many believe that this new bill is better thought out and will be more effective than a similar bill that was passed by the House in December.

The previous version reportedly comes nowhere close enough to ensuring safety standards in a global marketplace.

How the Bill Will Work

The Senate and the House will be increasing the commission’s staff in addition to their budget while expanding the agency’s ability to test and police products that are unsafe.

The Senate will supposedly be providing more money to enlarge the agency’s staff since there half the amount of employees than there was in 1980.

Waves of Unsafe Products Hit the U.S.

Last year, the recall of hundreds of products, including million of toys made in China, served as proof of how inadequate the system is.

Already this month, the safety commission has reportedly recalled 646,000 items, including everything from toys to toasters and gas caps.

(Source: St. Petersburg Times)

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