Fire Ignites Park City Neighborhood and Costs $1.5M

Fire Ignites Park City Neighborhood and Costs $1.5M

Investigators in Park City, Utah, recently came to a conclusion regarding a fire that occurred in June.

The blaze is said to be one of the worst fires that has occurred in Park City history for more than a decade.

Cigarette to Blame

According to Ron Ivie, the chief building official and fire marshal for the city, someone threw a cigarette into a plant at the house where the fire occurred.

The container where the cigarette was thrown caught fire and then went on to spread to the house’s deck.

The wooden planks of the deck reportedly collapsed and fell into a five-gallon gasoline can, before igniting the entire home on fire.

Fire Destroys Homes

The fire destroyed the house where it was ignited and damaged four others on the block, including the historic Angel House.

Ivie claims the total damage caused by the fire will cost nearly $1.5 million.

“In that circumstance, they’re pretty dangerous,” says Ivie about cigarette’s being discarded outside. “Cigarettes need to be disposed of properly.”

Ivie says he does not plan on filing a suit against the owners of the house where the fire started, but does hope the costly incident will make residents more aware of the repercussions of their actions.

(Source: Park Record)

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