Over $110K Awarded in Virginia Food Poisoning Case

Over $110K Awarded in Virginia Food Poisoning Case

The Supreme Court in Virginia has reversed the decision of a Roanoke judge who had thrown out an award of over $110,000 to a woman who claimed her food poisoning was the fault of the restaurant she had eaten at.  The woman, Susie Bussey, became violently ill in March of 2002 after eating beef tips and rice at the Golden Corral restaurant in Roanoke.

Last year a jury found the restaurant negligent and awarded $111,765.25 to Bussey.  The judge in the case threw out the verdict, saying testimony was insufficient.

At the time of her meal, Bussey even complained about the beef she was eating, saying that it smelled bad.  The manager of the restaurant agreed with her.  Bussey spent four days in an area hospital with food poisoning.  The poisoning created additional problems with Bussey’s pre-existing blood disorder and caused her to lose her job as an area hospital housekeeper.

The Supreme Court decided that the judge’s ruling was unwarranted and he should not have thrown out the case or the award.

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