Construction Accident Takes Man's Life in Vegas

Construction Accident Takes Man's Life in Vegas

A construction accident recently took the life of a man who was working on a high-rise along the Las Vegas strip in Nevada.

This is not the first accident that has caused severe injuries at the site, and city officials are investigating the case further.

Construction Worker Suffers from Deadly Fall

David M. Rabun, 20, was working at the Las Vegas high-rise, Cosmopolitan condominium-casino project, when the harness he was strapped to fell several stories.

Rabun was reportedly harnessed to a steel beam that he was welding at the top of the building.

According to reports, the harness suddenly gave way and fell 50 feet to the ground with Rabun strapped in.

Not the First Time

After the fatal accident, the OSHA closed down the construction site in order to conduct a proper investigation.

Reports show that this is the second construction accident to have occurred at this site within the last month.

Workers Remember Victim

Rabun’s co-worker, John Browning made a banner to put at the top of the building with help from the other workers, in honor of their friend.

“A banner with his name and in memory of him and most of the people signed it. It’s something that means a lot to his family. They can take it home, they’ll have it for years, it shows solidarity,” explained Browning.

(Source: Las Vegas Now)

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