Father Sues Vermont for Motorcycle Accident

Father Sues Vermont for Motorcycle Accident

A suit has been filed against the state of Vermont for $21 million by a grieving father who wants to see justice served for the death of his daughter.

Joseph Perreault filed the civil lawsuit earlier this week in Washington County.

The Accident

The night of the fatal motorcycle accident, Samantha Perreault and Norman Poulin were following friend, Justin Lawrence, on their motorcycles.

When Lawrence, who was leading the others, took a turn with his motorcycle at 70 mph, he allegedly lost control, causing Poulin to skid off the road and instantly killing Perreault while severely injuring the two men.

Lawrence and Poulin were convicted of criminal charges for Perreault’s death.

The Lawsuit

Joseph Perreault has filed suit for the accident claiming Justin Lawrence was never prosecuted for driving without a license, a fact Lawrence admitted to police, but they disregarded.

“By the state not doing anything, they’re saying it okay to operate a motorcycle without a license,” says Perreault. “I don’t want anybody else to go through this, I think she deserved more than this.”

Perreault is seeking monetary damages and is hoping that Lawrence will be charged and prosecuted as a result of the suit.

(Source: Rutland Herald)

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