Nursing Home in VT Admits to Violating Laws

Nursing Home in VT Admits to Violating Laws

A nursing home in Colchester, Vermont, recently admitted to violating state law’s regarding reporting abuse and neglect.

The home has been fined and is being required to pay $4,000 in restitution to the Vermont Medicaid Program.

Nursing Home Under Fire

Aside from the fine, the Green Mountain Nursing Home has agreed to be monitored at its own expense as part of the settlement reached with the state.

A settlement was forced after employees at the home openly admitted they hadn’t been reporting cases of abuse and neglect to the state as is required by law.

Wrongful Death Not Reported

According to reports, employees at the home also failed to report the untimely death of one of their residents to the Medical Examiner’s Office.

The death reportedly happened after another resident repeatedly assaulted the victim.

Green Mountain has agreed to conduct a series of training session for its employees associated with resident-to-resident violence and the appropriate action to take.


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