Trial Set for Vermont Worker Injuries

Trial Set for Vermont Worker Injuries

A new trial is currently underway for the pain and suffering that a Central Vermont Public Service employee endured when she was critically injured at work.

Two years ago, the victim, Jean Smedberg, was awarded $49,050 in her lawsuit against a local cleaning company.

Injury at Work

Smedberg reportedly fell at work and suffered from a cervical spine injury that required her to undergo spinal fusion surgery.

She filed a suit against Detlef’s Custodial Service Inc., which did cleaning services for CVPS, claiming they were negligent by not providing a warning for the worker’s about the slippery condition in the hall.

According to the high court, the Rutland Superior Court made a mistake when they awarded Smedberg and gave her “zero damages” for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

An appeal was made claiming that the “zero damages” wasn’t supported with evidence and therefore the case has been reopened.

Woman Suffers from Back and Neck Injuries

Aside from Smedberg’s testimony that she has endured several surgeries with no success and as a result has suffered loss of wages and can no longer perform the daily tasks she used to.

The pain specialist, who testified on her behalf, told the court that he recommended she go through additional surgeries to reduce the pain and claimed that she wouldn’t be able to sit or stand, let alone exercise without consistent physical therapy throughout her life.

Smedberg Endures More Surgery

Smedberg recently underwent surgery to take the pressure off the nerves in her spine and to help alleviate the pain this pressure was inflicting on her neck and right arm.

A cage was inserted between two vertebrae in her neck after the surgeons cut into her throat to reach the cervical discs that they had previously inserted.

The new trial is to recover damages for Smedberg’s pain and suffering as well as all the related losses she has dealt with due to her back and neck injuries.

(Source: Rutland Herald)

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