Victoria Secret Sued Over Bra Injury

Victoria Secret Sued Over Bra Injury

A woman from South Carolina recently filed a personal injury suit against Victoria Secret claiming that the company is responsible for physical injuries she endured.

The suit claims that a bra the woman bought at the store was defective and severely cut her breasts.

Woman Injured by Bra

Jessica Lang reportedly bought a bra from a Victoria Secret store and claims it malfunctioned, and caused cuts to her chest and breasts.

Lang says that the cuts were about “six inches wide and six inches deep.”

As a result, Lang says she now has scarring across her chest.

Lawsuit Claims

Lang claims that as result of her injuries she was forced to miss work in order to recover from the bra-induced injury.

“The bra broke and the wire came through and lacerated her breasts,” explains Nathan Hughey, Lang’s attorney.

The lawsuit claims that Victoria’s Secret “negligently and carelessly designed, manufactured, and assembled the brassiere.”

Lang is seeking compensation for pain and suffering, future disability and medical expenses.

(Source: FOX news)

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