Abuse at Victory Forge Military Academy

Abuse at Victory Forge Military Academy

According to reports, the last of the 16 boys who were residents of the barracks at Victory Forge Military Academy recently left the camp.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) reportedly requested that parents remove their sons from the academy due to accusations of physical abuse.

Cases of Abuse Revealed

Donna Pooler chose to voluntary remove her son, D.J., from the school before the abuse scandal was discovered.

Pooler claims that her 17-year-old son came home for the holidays with a scar on his foot because he never received proper medical care for an abscess.

He supposedly developed the injury soon after arriving at the academy due to the fact that he was forced to wear shoes that were too small.

Pooler says his experience at Victory Forge left him “zombie-like” and claims he was “terrified to go back to that place”, so she decided to pull him out.

Abuse Claims

The DCF began asking parents to remove their sons from the school after several child abuse claims were filed claiming that students were being forced to wear shackles around their legs.

The school faces a temporary shut down due to the amount of students that have been taken out since the abuse claims.

(Source: TCPalm)

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