VA Garage Fire Takes Lives

VA Garage Fire Takes Lives

According to reports, the third victim of a garage fire in Danville, N.C., surrendered to his injuries over the weekend.

The fire, which is thought to have been an accident, but is still being investigated, had already taken two lives.

Fire Erupts in Garage

The fire reportedly broke out at one in the afternoon in a two-bay garage.

The house was rented by Sylvester Roy Hicks, who was instantly killed by the overpowering flames.
Melvin Douglas Warner, 65, was severely injured and died shortly after being taken to the Danville Regional Medical Center.

Third Life Taken

Monroe Gwynn Lea, 76, was in the garage when the fire started and was transported to the UNC Burn Center to be treated.

However, his life-threatening injuries eventually took his life over the weekend.

Lawsuit Filed

A resident of the building, Nettie B. Warner, filed a suit last week claiming the fire was due to blocked ventilation in the garage.

She says the fire was the fault of Hicks and property owner, Robert Jones.

Warner is seeking $5 million in damages and $350,000 in punitive costs from Hicks’ estate and Jones.

(Source: WSLS)

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