Victim of Botched Vocal Cord Surgery Sues

Victim of Botched Vocal Cord Surgery Sues

A man who was nearly killed by a doctor’s mistake during a surgical procedure on his vocal cords has filed a lawsuit against the hospitals and physicians involved.

Larry Bimbo’s left vocal cord was left paralyzed years ago by lung cancer treatment. He decided to have a procedure performed to help him speak, swallow, and breathe better. He got the procedure, but the doctor did it on the wrong side.
The Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, filed in Mesa Superior Court, Bimbo went to Catholic Healthcare West and St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment for his paralyzed left vocal cord. He eventually agreed to undergo a laryngoplasty – a procedure in which an implant is placed next to the damaged vocal cord to help hold it in place closer to the functioning cord. This is supposed to allow patients to swallow, speak and breathe more easily.

However, the doctor mistakenly performed the surgery on his right vocal cord, which was healthy.

The right vocal cord was braced by the implant, which affected its ability to move, and since the left vocal cord was paralyzed, bimbo had extreme difficulty speaking and swallowing, and he nearly died.

“This mistake could have killed him,” said Christopher Piekarski, the attorney representing Bimbo. “His health absolutely deteriorated while he was under their care. The standard of care was violated.”


Bimbo later had to undergo extra procedures to remove the implant from the healthy vocal cord, and to treat the vocal cord that was originally to be treated.

In his medical malpractice lawsuit, Bimbo seeks unspecified monetary damages.

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