WA Gynecologist Guilty of Raping Patients

WA Gynecologist Guilty of Raping Patients

A King County, Washington gynecologist was convicted yesterday on charges of raping and fondling women who came to his clinics for treatment.  Charles Momah operated three clinics in Federal Way, Burien and Issaquah but all three have been closed and Momah has been stripped of his license to practice medicine.

A jury found the man guilty yesterday after years of accusations by patients and a not guilty plea filed last year to two counts of rape and two counts of indecent liberties with patients.  Momah faces 16 years in prison.

During the trial it was revealed that Momah sexually touched patients, gave exams without gloves, probed them with a vaginal ultrasound when it wasn’t needed and flirted with patients inappropriately.  Documents show that the ex-doctor also prescribed pain medication without need to and often double billed insurance companies for procedures.

Momah was originally from Nigeria and had done medical training in that country and Canada before moving to Washington in 1993.  He had also worked and owned clinics in New York and Georgia.  In 1999 he was censured and reprimanded in New York, and a jury also found him not guilty on charges of Medicaid fraud there that year.

In 2000 a former patient of his reported to the sheriff’s office in King County that Momah had performed unnecessary surgery on her, got her addicted to pain killers, raped her and then told her not to tell anyone because nobody would believe a drug addict.

Momah’s license was suspended in 2003 after several other allegations were made against him and his twin brother, who also may have been involved in the abuse.  Last year there had been 44 different women who had filed lawsuits against him.


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