Settlement Reached in WA for Motorcycle Accident

Settlement Reached in WA for Motorcycle Accident

A settlement has finally been reached in the lawsuit filed against the city of Vancouver for a motorcycle accident that happened four years ago.

The city has agreed to pay $300,000 in the settlement involving a police officer who hit the motorcyclist.

Motorcyclist Hit by Police Car

Gary L. Graham was reportedly riding early in the morning when Officer Chris Kershaw crossed two lanes into Graham’s lane without using his siren or signaling.

Graham crashed into the back of the police car, even though he tried desperately to avoid the accident.

“His injuries were so severe that one of the WSP troopers at the scene reported that Graham was brain dead and was being taken to the hospital to donate organs,” explains the court reports.

Victims Sustains Severe Injuries

According to reports, Graham suffered a head injury and brain damage from the accident, a back injury and broken leg.

Shortly after the accident he was diagnosed with cognitive disorder associated with a traumatic brain injury and depression.

Suit Filed

The suit was filed against the city blaming Kershaw for the accident and Graham’s injuries.

The settlement money will reportedly go towards Graham’s medical expenses, which totaled about $89,400, as well as his loss of wages and general damages.

(Source: The Columbian)

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