Walgreen's Blamed for Miscarriage

Walgreen's Blamed for Miscarriage

When a woman living in St. Louis began getting sick a month after discovering that she was pregnant, she figured that it was due to morning sickness.

However, the following month she miscarried and discovered that her illness was the result of her use of the wrong prescription medication while being pregnant.

Prescription Error

After finding out about her pregnancy, Chanda Givens went to Walgreen’s Co., for Materna, a prenatal vitamin.

When she miscarried, Givens continued taking the pills hoping that it would help her to get pregnant again.

Although, when she called Walgreen’s for a refill on the prescription, employees discovered that she hadn’t been taking prenatal vitamins, but was prescribed Matulane, a chemotherapy medication.

Couple Files Lawsuit

Chanda and her husband filed a lawsuit against Walgreen’s Co., after discovering the terrible mistake had cost them their unborn child and put Chanda’s life at risk.

The lawsuit states that Walgreen’s didn’t efficiently supervise their personnel, and as a result caused Chanda to miscarry.

Wrong Medication Could be Harmful to Plaintiff

According to Chanda’s oncologist, the drug she was given could potentially put her at risk for developing tumors and lead to illness, such as lung cancer.

The doctor also says that this costly mistake could prevent her from having children in the future.

(Source: Insurance Journal)

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