Fatal Error at Walgreens Pharmacy

Fatal Error at Walgreens Pharmacy

A fatal prescription error that occurred at a Walgreens pharmacy in Jacksonville, FL, recently came to light after much controversy.

A pharmacy technician supposedly typed the wrong information for a new prescription that eventually cost a customer his life.

Customer Prescribed New Medication

Tomario Lewis, 22, was the part-time worker at Walgreens who prescribed Terry Paul Smith methadone to treat the chronic neuropathy pains he endured in his back and legs.

Smith had allegedly been taking Oxycontin and Neurontin but was prescribed methadone because he didn’t like how drowsy the other medications were making him.

Pharmacy Technician Makes Costly Mistake

According to reports, Lewis typed in the wrong information on the prescription label for the medication.

Smith’s wife, Pearl, says that the label told her husband to take at least 22 pills within a day and a half, which is nearly twice the amount that is typically prescribed.

Pharmacist Blamed and Fined

Tonya Pearson, the pharmacy manager on duty at the time of the prescription error, is being held responsible for failing to double check the labels on the medications.

Pearson was found guilty of violating Florida pharmacy law by “misbranding a drug by placing the incorrect directions for use on the label.”

(Source: USA Today)

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