Georgia Couple Wins Case Against Wal-Mart

Georgia Couple Wins Case Against Wal-Mart

The Georgia couple that sued Wal-Mart in a personal injury case has been awarded $1.4 million by a jury of six, in their case against the world’s largest retail store.  Plaintiff Larry Boggs suffered a severe injury after he was hit by an electric pallet while standing on the loading dock of Wal-Mart.  Boggs, an independent truck driver, was making a pet food delivery to the store for a private contractor on December 21, 2003. 

Larry Boggs and his wife Judy claim that with 24 hours of the accident, Wal-Mart officials claimed everything would be taken care of regarding the victim’s injuries.  Wal-Mart however, failed to fulfill their promises, prompting the Boggs to hire an attorney.

Boggs was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy in his left leg.  Reflex sympathetic dystrophy is characterized by symptoms of severe pain, swelling and stiffness.  Despite the diagnosis, Wal-Mart remained steadfast in their allegation that Boggs had sustained no such injury.  The judge dismissed this argument. 

Larry and Judy Boggs were ultimately awarded $1.4 million in their dispute against Wal-Mart, covering damages ranging from future economic loss, pain and suffering to losses suffered by the plaintiff’s wife for her husband’s inability to provide marital support. 

“We’re satisfied that justice was done,” commented the Boggs attorney, following the verdict.

Wal-Mart’s attorney has declined commentary on the case; however, Wal-Mart can still move for another trial. 

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