Lawsuit Filed in Washington for Disabled Children

Lawsuit Filed in Washington for Disabled Children

Earlier this year, the Bremerton School District decided that they no longer had the classroom space to accommodate disabled children yeilding a disability claim.

The Disability Rights of Washington filed a lawsuit against the district claiming that by taking these children out of the classrooms, the schools are violating state and federal laws against discrimination.

Children Get Moved

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of eight youths ranging in age from 14 to 20 years old and names the school district, the state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and DSHS as defendants.

“I think it’s a giant step backward,” explains David Carlson, the associate director of legal advocacy for Disability Rights in Washington. “It erases decades’ worth of work to get children with disabilities the education services they need to develop and flourish just like any other students in the public-school system.”

According to the suit, the children have been moved repeatedly from classroom to classroom and haven’t received the services that they deserve.

Problems at Other Schools

Bremerton isn’t the only district that has faced issues with disability discrimination.

Shoreline School District has also been pressed for room in their schools to accommodate children with special needs.

“We’ve had an ongoing contract with Bremerton for some time where we did pay rent for school classrooms,” explains Linda Rolfe, the director of the state’s Division of Developmental Disabilities. “They’re saying they don’t have any room available for us to rent.”

Many, including parents of children with disabilities, are concerned about the impact that this constant moving around is having on the children.

(Source: Seattle Times)

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