Physical Abuse Suit Against Spokane Boys Ranch

Physical Abuse Suit Against Spokane Boys Ranch

Reports claim another suit was recently filed against the Morning Star Boys’ Ranch in Washington.

A man who at one time attended the Morning Star Boys’ Ranch says he was physically and psychologically abused while living at the home.

Former Resident Claims Abuse

Joseph S. Matherly, 57, reportedly lived at the home for troubled boys when he was 14 and 15 years old.

Matherly claims that while living at the ranch a former staff member, who is now deceased, sodomized him and several other boys while they were sick with the measles.

The plaintiff also accuses Rev. Joseph Weitensteiner of shattering a plate over his head when he couldn’t eat his vegetables.

Suits Against Boys Ranch Filed by Many

Matherly’s suit is the 19th to be filed against the Spokane Ranch claiming some form of abuse was suffered on the property.

Throughout the years, the ranch has served as a home for more than 1, 300 boys with behavioral problems, including those who have been in the state’s juvenile justice or child welfare systems.

According to Matherly, he had shut the abuse out of his mind but was flooded with memories when a reporter called to question him about the other suits being filed.

(Source: The Seattle Times)

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