Washington Woman Claims Police Misconduct

Washington Woman Claims Police Misconduct

A woman living in Bainbridge, WA has just filed a suit against the city claiming that she and her husband were the victims of police misconduct.

The incident occurred when the couple was at a traffic light last September.

Couple Arrested and Detained

Kim Koenig and her husband, John Muenster were reportedly pulled over for speeding.

Officer Richard Christopher claims the vehicle smelled like alcohol so began questioning them.

According to Christopher, the Koenig was acting unruly and was placed under arrest.

Police Officers Stand Accused

In the suit, Koenig claims that Officer Steve Cain, “strangled and manhandled her, touched her offensively and injured her physically and emotionally.”

Koenig says that she was unjustly kept in a holding cell for 90 minutes and falsely cited for resisting her arrest.

She believes that the false citation was to cover up any wrongdoing.

Victim Seeks Compensation

Koenig was supposedly admitted to Harrison Hospital to be treated for the injuries she endured when placed under arrest.

“In addition to medical expenses, as a result of Officer Cain’s actions I have incurred legal expenses and suffered property losses, and general damages in the form of physical and emotional pain and suffering, humiliation, loss of liberty and damage to reputation,” explains Koenig.

(Source: Bainbridge View)

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