Washington School Settles Suit for $3M

Washington School Settles Suit for $3M

A school in Seattle recently settled a suit for a sexual abuse case involving a fifth-grade teacher who was sexually abusing students.

The man was accused of molesting two students over the 20 year period he was employed at the school.

Teacher Accused

Laurence E. Hill, 58, was arrested in 2005 after the mother of one of his students walked in on him touching her daughter inappropriately,

After an investigation was conducted, police found that Hill had touched and/or kiss seven different girls in his class.

Hill was reportedly a popular teacher so other teachers and students overlooked his sexual behavior with girls in the hallways and hand holding on the playground.

“It was kind of the open secret within Broadview-Thomson Elementary School. The teachers knew about it, but parents didn’t know about it. The police didn’t know about it,” explains Ron Bemis, the attorney for the victims.

Lawsuit Filed and Settlement Reached

Two of the students and their families took action against Hill and the Seattle school system and filed a sexual abuse suit.

The school has agreed to pay the students $3 million and Hill has been sentenced to five years in prison for molestation.

(Source: Seattle Times)

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