Chemical Plant Fire Takes Life

Chemical Plant Fire Takes Life

A chemical plant explosion that recently occurred in West Virginia has taken the life of one worker and severely injured another.

According to reports, the injury and death occurred when a fireball hurled both employees hundreds of feet into the air.

Fatal Fire Accident

The fire accident happened at the Bayer CropScience plant, which contains methyl isocyanate and methyl isobutyl ketone.

The methyl isocyanate was supposedly stored in steel-wrapped containers that weren’t located far from the site where the explosion occurred.

The plant is reportedly located just 10 miles west of Charleston and produces several toxic chemicals.

Employees Become Victims

Barry Withrow was identified earlier this morning after he had gone missing following the explosion.

Withrow was killed in the explosion, while another employee suffered from severe burns and was immediately transferred to a nearby Pittsburgh hospital.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these employees during this very difficult time. We hope yours and the community follow as well,” stated a spokesman for Bayer. “This is a very sad day for the Institute site family.”

The exact cause of the explosion hasn’t been determined yet by investigators.

(Source: Associated Press)

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