Wife Files Depression Lawsuit

Wife Files Depression Lawsuit

The wife of a man who was imprisoned at the Blair County Prison has filed a depression lawsuit claiming her husband was depressed and should have been put on suicide watch in the wake of his death.

The man committed suicide while at the prison and, according to reports, the jail authorities were aware of his depression and ability to harm himself.

Unfortunate Incident

Jeremy Shane Corbin, 32, was incarcerated at the prison on an allegation that he violated a protection-from-abuse order.

On the day of the incident, Corbin hung himself with one of his bed sheets while the other inmates were at the gymnasium.

County officials who have investigated the case claim Corbin was depressed and deeply upset because he was prevented from seeing his children.

Suicide Signals Ignored

According to the lawsuit, when Corbin was admitted into the jail he showed obvious signs of depression and was acting and talking strangely.

When he was screened, prison officials concluded that he “presented a significant suicide risk.”

Although Corbin allegedly had attempted suicide before, he was still placed in the general population area of the prison and was given no suicide monitoring.

Corbin’s wife, Kayci Lynn Tatsch-Corbin filed the depression suit and is seeking punitive damages along with attorney fees.

(Source: Altoona Mirror)

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