Insurance Company Sued After Elevator Accident

Insurance Company Sued After Elevator Accident

A man living in Janesville, WI, recently filed a lawsuit against the insurance company who covers events for his employer.

The man took action against the company immediately after he fell down an elevator shaft at work.

The man’s wife also serves as a plaintiff in the suit, which has been filed against General Casualty Insurance Co. of Wisconsin.

Elevator Accident Leads to Suit

According to court documents, Bradley J. Springbrum fell down an elevator shaft while he was carrying soda around Janesville’s Rock Aqua Jays water ski-club warehouse.

On the night of the accident, Aqua Jays was reportedly hosting a fund-raising haunted house for the club.

Springbrum supposedly suffered from a dislocated elbow and broken forearm after the fall.

Lawsuit Details

Although the lawsuit does not name Aqua Jays as a defendant, it does accuse the club of negligence and failure to provide employees with a safe working environment.

“When Springbrum opened the elevator doors, the elevator cab was not there, but he couldn’t see that it was missing because the immediate and surrounding area was inadequately lit,” claims the suit. 

(Source: Gazette Extra)

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