Two People Died in Wisconsin Helicopter Crash

Two People Died in Wisconsin Helicopter Crash

A helicopter crashed through a home in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Sept. 20, killing the two individuals on board. The helicopter crashed into the back of the house, plunged through the front, and ended up in a neighbor’s yard.

A family of five — two adults and three children — were inside the home at the time of the accident. According to Wesley Bernhardt of the Kenosha Fire Department, the helicopter crashed through two-story home, took out the stair well in the center of the house, and missed the bedrooms where the five members of the family were. All five people were uninjured.

"It's an amazing miracle that no one was injured inside the home," said Bernhardt.

Neighborhood Evacuated After Helicopter Crash

Fuel from the helicopter leaked into the street and in the yard where it finally came to a halt. Due to the spilled fuel and other possible hazards, occupants of ten homes surrounding the accident site were evacuated.

Flight Purpose Unknown

According to Bernhardt, the purpose of the flight is unknown. “For some reason, this one was up. We don’t know why or if it had clearance to be up at the time,” he said.

Reports note that the helicopter belongs to Midwest Aviation Services, a charter company which offers flight training; however the flight plan is still unknown. According to the Journal Sentinel, pilots are not required to issue flight plans, however they are encouraged to do so for safety reasons.
(Source: CNN)

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