Wisconsin Family Files Wrongful Death Suit

Wisconsin Family Files Wrongful Death Suit

A Wisconsin family recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Joseph R. Roscoe who died in February. Roscoe, 43, allegedly died from traumatic brain injuries sustained while being escorted out of a bar in River Falls, WI.
According to the lawsuit, Roscoe was found unconscious in the alley behind the bar and died ten days later from traumatic brain injuries.

Lawsuit Claims Bouncers Negligence Led to Death
Apparently, Roscoe was kicked out of the bar for being too intoxicated; however, according to the suit, the bouncers who escorted him out of the bar were reckless and negligent while escorting him to the door. The suit alleges that instead of helping him out carefully, the bouncers allowed him to stumble and hit his head multiple times, which ultimately led to his death.

Roscoe did not die immediately; however, he suffered a blood clot in his brain and a stroke while being treated at Regions Hospital. He died ten days later, Feb. 27.

Family Seeks Financial Compensation
The family is suing Edward Roughton, the bartender/manager and the Library Bar itself for compensation for medical bills, funeral costs and pain and suffering caused by Roscoe’s death. The family claims they spent over $200,000 in medical bills and nearly $50,000 in funeral costs.

(Source: River Towns)

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