Wolf-Mix Dogs Attack Baby in Indiana

Wolf-Mix Dogs Attack Baby in Indiana

A four month old was mauled in her grandmother’s home by dogs in one of the most severe dog attacks in Indiana’s history.  The grandmother’s dogs attacked the South Bend baby as her grandmother went to lift the child out of the crib, according to reports.  The grandmother reported that the dogs were reacting to the baby crying.

At first, officials were surprised by the attack because they said the dogs were reported to be two shepherd-husky mixes and one schnauzer mix, both of which are not typically dangerous or aggressive.  Police later discovered that the two shepherd-husky dogs also had wolf in them.  Owning a wolf mix is illegal in the city. 

Animal Control officers took all the dogs to a facility and the animal’s fate as yet is undecided.  They are being held on a quarantine until it is determined if they have any diseases or not.  Their fate is also determined by their pedigree, being part wolf they cannot return to the home of the grandmother.

The baby had surgery for her wounds and is in the hospital in fair condition.

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