Woman Awarded $2 Million for Discrimination

Woman Awarded $2 Million for Discrimination

A federal court in San Francisco has awarded a woman $2 million in damages for her workplace discrimination case.  Janeith Glenn-Davis, a 15-year veteran and the most senior ranking woman on her police force, claims that the Oakland Police Department refused to promote her to the captain position when she announced that she was pregnant. 

Glenn-Davis passed the appropriate exams and testing to be promoted to the captain ranking in 2000 and had been promised by Chief Richard Word that she would be placed in the next available captain’s position.  However, when the time came for her promotion, Word told her that all promotions to captain were on hold at the time. 

During Glenn-Davis’s maternity leave, another man was hired with significantly less experience for the position. 

The jury unanimously voted in favor of Glenn Davis and awarded the plaintiff $150,000 for lost wages, and $1.85 million for emotional suffering and harm to her reputation and career.  Glenn-Davis’s attorney, John Scott commented that he hoped that the result of the case would be a warning to the Oakland Police Department, which has “historically been hostile to women.” 

A spokesperson for the city commented that the city was planning on appealing the verdict, alleging that Glenn-Davis was not a victim of discrimination, but merely was caught in a time when promotions were on hold at the department.

Glenn-Davis has since left the Oakland Police Department and is now police chief at Cal State East Bay. 

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