Vermont Woman Awarded $25,000 for Dog Bite

Vermont Woman Awarded $25,000 for Dog Bite

A Vermont woman, injured in a dog bite accident on November 2, 2001 has been awarded $25,000 by a jury for her injuries, pain and suffering.  Sharon Crosby, a mail carrier in Rutland, Vermont was on her daily route delivering the mail when she was attacked by a 4-year-old German Shepard that had gotten loose from it’s owner’s home

The dog bit Crosby on the hand and leg before she was able to escape in her vehicle to call for help. The plaintiff was unable to work for five weeks following the accident and was left with disfiguring scaring on her leg and an adverse sensitivity to cold in addition to severe scarring on her right hand

The lawsuit alleged that owner Joseph Brown was negligent in the care of his animal and was responsible for the attack that occurred when Shiloh, the dog got loose.  “Brown was aware, or should have been aware, that had the dog not been controlled by him, or alternatively, had the dog not been confined to Brown’s property, that the dog would attack and bite persons with whom it came in contact,” stated reports.

The defendant did not refute the charges, accepting responsibility for the tragic accident.His attorney, Leo Bisson commented on the verdict, “I thought it was a fair result the verdict returned.  My client accepted responsibility for what happened.What happened was an honest mistake that the dog accidentally got out of the house.”

Following the accident, Brown consented to have the dog put to sleep.

The jury awarded Sharon Crosby $4,648 for medical expenses, $5,000 for future medical costs due to sensory impairment and disfiguration, and $15,000 for pain and emotional suffering.The plaintiff originally sought compensation in the amount of $100,000, but was allegedly satisfied with the verdict.

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