Woman Gets Hit by Car, Sues

Woman Gets Hit by Car, Sues

An elderly woman suffered serious permanent injuries in a pedestrian accident has filed a lawsuit against the driver who hit her.

Catherine J. Sumpter, 75, represented by attorney J. Burton Hunter, filed the lawsuit in Kanawha County, against David Facello Feb. 14.

The Incident

According to the suit, Sumpter and her family attended a high school basketball game. After the game, as the family climbed into Sumpter’s daughter’s car, Facello backed out of his parking spot and hit Sumpter, pinning her leg against her daughter’s car.

According to the complaint, there “…were many other spectators, hurrying to exit the parking garage,” at the time of the accident. The circumstances dictated that Facello should have been more careful.

According to the investigating officer’s report, Facello simply claimed that “he didn’t see the pedestrian.”

The Injuries

As a result of the accident, the suit says, Sumpter has suffered severe permanent injuries to her leg, including:

· Crushed lower right leg
· Amputated toe
· Several contusions
· Ecchymosis on her thigh and toes
· Swelling in her knee
· Numbness due to nerve damage

So far, she has incurred medical expenses totaling more than $10,000, and she requires personal home care, special pads to help her walk, and orthopedic shoes.

According to the suit Sumpter, a widow, lived alone before she suffered the injuries. Since then, she has been forced to rely on assistance from her family, and she would like to compensate them for their troubles and expenses, the suit says.

Sumpter seeks actual compensatory damages as well as punitive damages.

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