Personal Injury Suit Filed After Cable Snaps

Personal Injury Suit Filed After Cable Snaps

A worker was injured when a cable snapped that was attached to the basket he was working in, recently filed a personal injury lawsuit.

The suit claims that the supplier of the basket and cable are responsible for the man’s injuries.

Plaintiff Injured at Work

Guillermo Guzman was suspended over the ocean working on a jack-up drilling rig when the cable to the basket suddenly snapped.

Guzman and his fellow co-worker fell several feet into the water and were critically injured.

“They were inside a work basket when unfortunately, a defect in the work basket or cable allowed the cable to detach” says the suit.

Guzman is suing for past and future medical expenses and physical impairment.

Company Accused of Negligence

Guzman has filed the suit against the makers of the basket and cable, Max Access Inc.

He claims that the basket was not safe to operate at the time of use and says the company was negligent for allowing him to work in it.

The suit claims negligence and a breach of implied warranty of fitness and merchantability.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

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