Suit Over Work Injury and Lost Cop Job Settled

Suit Over Work Injury and Lost Cop Job Settled

A former police officer has settled for $55,000 a lawsuit against the police department that did not allow him to continue to work after he suffered an injuriy at work.

In his lawsuit, Charles Eric Richardson sought to recover his job, but the settlement stipulates that Richardson will not work for the Keller Police Department again.

“We’re pleased to have the litigation resolved and wish nothing but the best for Mr. Richardson and his family,” said Stan Lowry, city attorney.

Richardson’s Lawsuits

Last year, Richardson sued the city for $700,000 in a lawsuit seeking his former employment, reinstatement of health benefits, and compensation for missed wages, attorney fees and pain and suffering.

He also formally complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that he was discriminated against because of his physical disability.

The Injury

Richardson served four years of active duty in the army after graduating from high school. He then became a police officer at the Keller Police Department, according to court records. He was promoted to detective in 1997, one year after he was hired.

Four years later, he volunteered for the Air Force Reserve, where he was issued boots that were too small. While he was stationed in Iraq, he suffered serious debilitating injuries to the nerves in his feet and was later dishonorably discharged.

When he came back to is hometown, he reapplied for his former position, disclosing that he was confined to a wheelchair. He requested more time to begin working.

The city sent letters to Richardson granting his request for more time, but the suit claims he was not allowed to regain his employment.

When Richardson was asked in a disposition if he would like to work for Keller again, he replied, “I would love to … but I know it’s not going to happen,” according to court documents.

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