Family Files Wrongful Death Suit for Fire

Family Files Wrongful Death Suit for Fire

The family of a man, who was killed in a fire that occurred at an Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) Complex, has filed a wrongful death suit against the AHA.

Man Leaps to Death

Roy Finley, 67, was a resident at the Centennial House, an AHA complex, when a fire accident suddenly broke out early in the morning.

Finley was reportedly forced to jump from his third floor bedroom to escape the fire.

After being taken to the Good Samaritan Medical Center, he died three days later from the severe injuries.

Suit Blames AHA

The lawsuit, filed by Finley’s daughter and other family members, claims that the AHA failed to provide adequate fire safety protection for its residents.

The suit also claims that the fire detection that was installed was not inspected regularly to ensure that it was working correctly.

The attorney for the Finley’s, Larry Amoni, says that the building also lacked proper fire exits from the third floor of the house where Finely was staying.

“There is a heightened responsibility for those people who need at least a boost in taking care of themselves,” stated Amoni.

Family Seeks Compensation

Although the cause of the fire is not yet known, investigators are still looking into what happened on that unfortunate morning.

The Finely family is asking for $200,000 plus legal fees in the suit.

(Source: Suburban Chicago News)

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