Young Manís Parents File Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Young Manís Parents File Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the parents of an underage man who was killed in an alcohol-related crash last September.

Peter Elliot, 20, was celebrating his birthday with two friends—Bobbie Munoz, 20, and Daniel Epps—drinking alcohol they had purchased at Howard’s Mini Mart when they got into a Jeep, driven by Elliot, and crashed into the center median of a highway at 100 mph.

Elliot and Munoz were both killed during the crash. Epps suffered only minor injuries.

The lawsuit filed by Elliot’s parents names the owner of the mini mart and the store clerk. The young man’s parents are seeking unspecified damages.

Munoz’s parents also recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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