Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Lynchburg Police

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Lynchburg Police

A wrongful death suit was recently filed against seven police officers in Lynchburg County, Virginia, in association with the 2006 death of a man.

The suit accuses the officers of assault, battery, false arrest, gross negligence and imprisonment, which ultimately resulted in the man’s wrongful death.

Man Dies While in Custody

According to police reports, the officers entered the apartment of Clarence Beard Jr., searching for a woman with outstanding warrants.

After a fight reportedly broke out between Beard and the officers they allegedly hog tied the victim in the front lawn and laid him face down.

The suit states that the police officers stood around Beard’s body for more than two minutes, ignoring pleas from witnesses that the victim was not breathing, before checking on him.

“The conduct of defendants Eagle, Huntsman, Clements, Davis, Mayberry, Lawton and Bradner of failing to render necessary medical care to Mr. Beard while he was in public custody and care was the proximate cause of Mr. Beard’s death,” explains the suit.

Suit Seeks Compensation

The lawsuit is seeking compensation in the form of $5 million in compensatory damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages.

The final count reportedly names all seven officers as being responsible.

(Source: WSLS)

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