Wrongful Death Suit Filed by Mourning Parents

Wrongful Death Suit Filed by Mourning Parents

The parents of an honor graduate from Rice University recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

The parents believe the anti-depressant drug, Zyprexa, is to blame for the death of their son and hope to receive compensation for their tragic loss.

A Boy With a Promising Future

Scott Sexton’s future looked promising when he graduated from college with a masters in business administration and quickly got a job at Delloite Touche.

Soon after starting his job, Sexton was diagnosed with a mental disorder and was prescribed Zyprexa.

A short while later, Sexton died of pancreatits.

Scott’s parents, Charles and Kaye, believe Zyprexa was the cause of his untimely death and are now suing the drug’s manufacturer, Eli Lily & Company.

What is Zyprexa?

Zyprexa is an FDA medication given to patients for the treatment of acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar I disorder.

According to the Eli Lily website, “Zyprexa was among the first of a newer generation of medicines used to treat these conditions.”

The Lawsuit

The petition claims that Sexton was prescribed Zyprexa to treat his psychiatric condition and as a result of the dangerous side effects of the drug, he developed pancreatits, which caused his wrongful death in 2006.

The suit also says that Eli Lily falsely marketed their drug as being safe and effective when the opposite is true.

“Zyprexa has been widely advertised…as a safe and effective anti-psychotic medication. In reality, Zyprexa causes serious adverse health affects including pancreatits,” states the suit.

Parents Seek Justice

The lawsuit accuses the drug’s manufacturers of acting with negligence and faults the company with product liability, misrepresentation, fraud, and breach of express warranties.

Sexton’s parents are suing for wrongful death, loss of services, counsel, companionship and grief.

They are seeking compensation for funeral expenses and their pain and anguish.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

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