Wrongful Death Lawsuit Begins in PA

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Begins in PA

Four-year-old Torajee Bobbett was rushed to Wilkes-Barre Mercy Hospital with debilitating stomach pain and other symptoms.  Shortly after his admission to the hospital, the boy died.  A recent lawsuit alleges that the boy sat in the hospital without a clear diagnosis for up to nine hours.  Evidence says that the boy was examined for just five minutes during his five-hour emergency room wait.

The boy lost oxygen and was severely dehydrated following a day of vomiting and serious abdominal pain.  Nine hours into his hospital stay his condition had worsened and he had to be airlifted to another nearby hospital.  Bobbett had a cardiac arrest and died five days later.  His death was due to an oxygen deprivation to the brain resulting from an obstructed bowel.

The lawsuit seeks to give restitution to the victim’s family and to ensure that this type of medical mistake does not happen again.

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