Depression in Wrongful Termination Suit

Depression in Wrongful Termination Suit

The wrongful termination suit from a former director of public works against Bay City is expected to go to trial in the upcoming weeks.

The suit has been filed a man, who was allegedly wrongfully terminated, and his wife, who has suffered emotional abuse as a result.

Termination Leads to Lawsuit

John Kolessar, 60, was terminated from his position as the director of public works for Bay City in May 2004.

Kolessar says that his termination was anything but expected seeing as City Manager, Robert V. Belleman consistently informed him that his employment was secure.

However, out of nowhere, the assistant City Manager, Steve Black, reportedly called to inform him that he was being terminated.

In the lawsuit, Kolessar claims that the city owes him more than $499,000 for severance pay, accrued sick time and future pension benefits.

Husband and Wife Claim Depression

Kolessar and his wife Barbra claim in the suit that as a result of his termination they both have suffered from depressive episodes.

Barbra claims that her husband’s loss of employment has caused her depression, hysterical crying and the loss of intimacy with her husband.

Kolessar supposedly had to apply to more than 100 jobs before finally becoming employed again for a company where he is working more hours for less money.


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