Wrongly Incarcerated Man Sues State For $5M

Wrongly Incarcerated Man Sues State For $5M

A man who served 15 years in prison after being falsely arrested for a murder he didn’t commit recently filed a $5 million civil lawsuit against the state of New York.

Roy Brown, 46, was convicted in 1992 of killing social worker Sabina Kulakowski. The conviction was largely based on bite marks found on her body that had been linked to Brown, despite the fact that the indentations showed six upper teeth and Brown had only four.

While conducting his own research in prison, Brown uncovered statements made by sheriff’s deputies raising suspicions about the brother of the victim’s former boyfriend.

In 2003, Brown mailed a letter to the brother, Barry Bench, accusing him of Kulakowski’s murder. Bench committed suicide several days after receiving the letter.

Last December, Bench’s remains were exhumed and samples of his DNA matched those found on the victim’s t-shirt. A month later Brown, who proved his own innocence, was released from prison.

(Source: Syracuse Post-Standard)

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