Wrongly Jailed Men Sue FBI

Wrongly Jailed Men Sue FBI

A group of four men who were wrongly jailed for their suspected involvement in a murder are suing the federal government for malicious prosecution, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conspiracy, negligent supervision of FBI agents, and false imprisonment.

At the age of 25, Joseph Salvati had a wife and four children when he was arrested for the suspected gang-related murder of Edward “Teddy” Deegan.

Wrongly Convicted and Jailed

Salvati claims that the FBI knew he and three other men had been framed in the murder but allowed him to be put in jail in the interest of protecting informants. “I couldn’t believe it – that the FBI could do a thing like this,” he said. “This is people who protect you, people you look up to.”

Salvati was put in jail for 29 years and one of the other framed men, Peter Limone Sr., spent 33 years in jail.

Salvati, Limone and families of two other men – Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco – who died in jail after they were convicted of crimes associated with the murder, have filed a lawsuit against the federal government. They seek $100 million in damages.

Their Names Cleared

Salvati and Limone were exonerated after a state judge found in 2001 that the FBI agents concealed evidence that could have proven them innocent to protect informants.

Lawyers for the wrongfully jailed men claim that the FBI allowed them to be put in jail by not disclosing that some of its informants, former hitman Joseph “The Animal” Barboza, and Vincent “Jimmy” Flemmi were heard on wiretaps asking to kill Deegan shortly before Deegan was murdered.

According to Salvati’s lawyers, the FBI also had memos showing that Barboza, who was one of the witnesses at the four men’s trial, was framing them and protecting Flemmi, the other FBI informant.

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