Quadriplegic Lawyer

Quadriplegic Lawyer

Quadriplegia is a spinal cord injury. Common contributors to quadriplegia include vehicle accidents, falls, and sports injuries. Quadriplegia is characterized by the spinal injury at neck level. When quadriplegia occurs, the quadriplegia sufferer may have impaired breathing and experience paralyzed arms, legs, and trunk.

Every year there are 8,000 new spinal cord injuries diagnosed, including quadriplegia. A quadriplegia injury can greatly disrupt a person's life forever.

In addition to experiencing a large amount of physical pain, quadriplegia can greatly alter a person's physical capabilities. Quadriplegia can reduce or eliminate an individual's capacity to work certain professions and to participate in certain life enjoyment.

Quadriplegia Complications

By speaking with an attorney specializing in personal injuries like quadriplegia, the quadriplegia victim can learn if he/she may have a case. The lack of sensation that quadriplegia can cause can result in other complications.

Due to the quadriplegia-causing complications, the quadriplegia injury can result in continued financial, physical, and emotional loss. A qualified quadriplegia lawyer will seek damages for all aspects of loss and suffering due to the quadriplegia injury.

Symptoms of Quadriplegia

Symptoms of quadriplegia may include weakness, numbness, pain, as well as any other characteristics. Immediate attention to a spine injury like quadriplegia can limit the severity of the quadriplegia. Quadriplegia can be permanent, and if the quadriplegia rehabilitation does not start to improve the condition after about half a year the quadriplegia patient should learn to adjust to it.

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