Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

After suffering a serious injury, you may be frustrated and feel victimized – in addition to being in chronic pain, having a permanent disability, or living with an incurable condition. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is one of the first, most important legal decisions you will have to make when seeking compensation.

While the wrong lawyer could cost you time and a potential settlement, the right personal injury attorney can help you recover the money you deserve to compensate you for your injuries and losses.

What to Look for in the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding the best personal injury attorney for your case typically requires a bit of research. If a family member or friend doesn't refer you to a lawyer, then the first step is to create a list (via Internet search) of local personal injury lawyers who specialize in representing individuals with the same claim as you have.


  • Check out his or her list of past cases – make sure the attorney has a record of obtaining settlements and court awards in cases similar to yours.
  • Request a record of the lawyer from your state's Bar Association. Make sure the personal injury attorney doesn't have any complaints filed against him/her with the Bar Association.
  • Review some client testimonials to get a sense of the type of representation the lawyer offers.
  • Set up a free initial consultation with your top three (or so) options and discuss your case with each.

Professional personal injury lawyers who will be the best choice for you will:

  • Have experience in successfully handling cases similar to yours.
  • Be open to offering you references and testimonials of past clients who can attest to their ability, experience and representation style.
  • Work on contingency – so you don't have to pay any legal fees unless a settlement or court award is reached.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

You may have a personal injury case and be entitled to a monetary settlement if you have developed injuries after:

  • an accident at work and/or in the home
  • exposure to toxins
  • ingesting tainted foods
  • medical malpractice/doctor mistakes
  • motor vehicle and/or traffic accidents
  • slip and fall due to a safety hazard
  • taking a harmful or recalled medication
  • use of a defective product

If you have suffered any such personal injury, chances are you will qualify to file a legal claim and seek compensation for your losses. To schedule a free assessment of your case, contact us and we schedule a private discussion with an experienced, qualified attorney in your area.

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