Personal Injury Claim Examples

Personal Injury Claim Examples

There are hundreds of possible scenarios that can give rise to a personal injury claim. Some of the categories of the most frequently seen types of personal injury and wrongful death claims are:

  • workplace injuries and occupational hazards
  • railroad collisions
  • products liability cases — when a defective or dangerous product (including drugs, vehicles, appliances, etc.) causes harm
  • premises liability — when an injury or death occurs on the property of another, whether public or private
  • pedestrian and bicyclist accidents
  • medical malpractice — when substandard medical care results in injury, illness or death
  • exposure to toxins (such as asbestos or benzene), whether over a long period of time or in a single disastrous event
  • birth injuries — a subset of medical malpractice
  • animal attacks (which can be very severe)
  • auto, motorcycle, truck or bus accidents (perhaps the most common personal injury scenario)
  • airplane crashes — whether on the runway or under other circumstances
  • assault and homicide — injuries caused by the intentional harm of another (e.g., the O.J. Simpson civil case)

Personal injury and wrongful death cases are civil legal actions. They are not criminal matters handled by a prosecutor seeking to convict an individual of a crime.


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