When & How to File a Personal Injury Claim

When & How to File a Personal Injury Claim

After being injured as a result of someone's negligence or use of a defective product, it's crucial that injured parties:

  • Seek immediate medical treatment to prevent further damage to their health
  • Follow through with all prescribed, longer-term treatments for optimal chances of recovery
  • Once their health is stable, set up a free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney to find out if they have a case and are entitled to a settlement

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims commonly filed in the U.S. include those in which individuals develop serious injuries (or die) following use of or interaction/experience with:

  • defective or recalled products
  • exposure to toxins
  • medical malpractice
  • motor vehicle and/or traffic accidents
  • slip and falls
  • tainted foods
  • work-related accidents

Of these, most personal injury lawsuits are filed for car accidents, work accidents and malpractice.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney For You

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to represent you can affect the outcome of your case, including the amount you are ultimately awarded for your settlement.

Ensure that you make the right decision by choosing a personal injury attorney who:

  • specializes in representing individuals who have similar claims to yours
  • have a track record of obtaining settlements for their clients
  • offer client testimonials regarding their professionalism, experience and character
  • work on contingency and offer free initial consultations
  • makes you feel comfortable and whom you trust

Building Your Case

Once you secure the services of the right personal injury lawyer, your attorney will start building your case by:

  • filing the necessary paperwork with the courts
  • compiling evidence of your injuries
  • finding experts to verify your claims when official testimony is needed

Once the case is solid, your lawyer will then likely approach the third-party insurance company (representing the negligent party) and/or corporate lawyers to work out a settlement award that will appropriately compensate you for your injuries and/or losses.

Approximately 95 percent of all personal injury claims filed in the U.S. are settled without ever going to trial.

Ultimately, fair settlement awards will compensate injured parties for their:

  • medical bills
  • future treatment costs
  • lost wages
  • permanent disabilities
  • inability to earn a living
  • decreased quality of life (based on new limitations)
  • pain and suffering

For information about your specific injury, contact us today. We will connect you with an attorney in your area who can assess your situation and help you file your personal injury claim.

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