How Much Is My Case Worth?

How Much Is My Case Worth?

There are many factors that bear on a particular case's "worth." A personal injury/wrongful death attorney or law firm gives a great deal of attention and investigation time to determine the amount of compensation that will be sought for a plaintiff (the injured person or the surviving family members).

The compensation for personal injury and wrongful death claims depends in part on matters such as:

  • the severity and type of injury (including whether the injured person died)
  • whether the injury or death was caused by intentional harm (in contrast to negligence or recklessness)
  • the age of the victim — this affects, for example, the amount of future lost income and the feelings of a jury toward the victim or his/her family
  • whether the injury/illness is curable
  • whether there is lasting disability or disfigurement
  • the cost of the injured's medical bills — both present and future
  • whether the injured can earn a living after being injured, or is unable to work at the same job
  • settlements and awards in similar cases
  • the geographic area where the case is taking place — this affects the cost of living and thus the compensation

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