How to Follow a Personal Injury Lawsuit

How to Follow a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit, you should be aware that you may or may not have a case that is appropriate for legal action. A personal injury attorney is the best source for information regarding your legal options.

Filing a lawsuit is not the only alternative that you may have. Other options are:

  • A settlement negotiated with the other party (or more likely, their attorney) and/or the insurers of that party
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or arbitration: methods used to resolve cases without resorting to the courts
  • Mediation: an unbiased mediator (often a former judge) decides the resolution of a case

Here too, the best resource to consult is an experienced personal injury attorney or law firm. They are well-informed about all of the possible directions to take on behalf of an injured individual. In addition, some personal injury cases require that ADR be used; for example, a tenant injured on the grounds of his residence may have signed a rental contract requiring that ADR be used in such circumstances rather than a court action.

Assemble the facts of your case as best you can and consult a personal injury lawyer to discuss your concerns.

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